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National Alarm Company, is one of the fastest growing alarm companies in California. We have helped provide Peace of Mind to over 10,000 clients throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County.

As an Authorized Dealer for Protect America, we are part of a team that has protected close to quarter of a million homes nationwide!


Read what our customers have to say about National Alarm Company!

Robin Z.

Long Beach, CA


When I was but a wee lass, the world was such a wonderfully safe and peaceful place. Camelot was over on the next hill and brave, chivalrous knights on mighty chargers, all looking like young Brad Pitts, Val Kilmers and Sean Connerys guarded our streets and homes. Nothing could harm us.

And then I grew up.

For a single gal in North Long Beach (Google crime stats) a shotgun provides warm comfort and peace of mind but can be godawful messy and leave gaping holes in the drywall with every miss. So when my current security alarm company began sneaking the rates up higher and higher, I turned to National Alarm Company to help me out.

The owner/technician (Goran) arrived and went right to work, gladly removing his wet boots (it had been raining) to avoid messing up my beautiful white Berber carpet, and after some testing, rewiring and retesting of my installed equipment, had my system up and running while reducing my monthly expenses from $37.99 to $20.95. Now I'm not sure about you but I can always use an extra $17 in my purse, thus affording extra double-OO buckshot for my Winchester Defender 12g shotgun or, as I've recently been reminded, 17 tacos at certain taco stands.         

Paul B.

Westminister, CA


My house recently got broken into and since then I had been living in fear, until the moment I called National Alarm Company. Everything was installed in a timely fashion. Goran guided me how to operate the alarm system and everything is very easy to operate. Great service and most importantly - a Peace of Mind. Thank you NAC!         

Henry F.

Pasadena, CA


I just received my system and the guy who helped me, Goran, was outstanding! You have a great employee for your company. The way he handled himself and his knowledge about the company and your product was wonderful! Thanks              


Los Angeles, CA


My parents recently bought a new home in Los Angeles and they have never installed any alarm systems before. I found National Alarm Company's website and gave they a call. Pam provided the best customer service and guided me through everything step by step. I am tired of dealing with other alarm companies who don't really care much about their customers. National Alarm Company really stands out regarding customer service and after sales service - because getting your home protected is not a one time deal, it's an on-going relationship between the customer and the service provider.